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Friend | Brother | Sister | Dad | Mom | Boyfriend | Daughter

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I Wish You Happy Birthday mp3

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People like the real classic sounds of instruments, and to honor that, we have made some efforts to provide instrumental songs and notes to help you shine at any birthday party.

You can also use our Happy Birthday app to play live, its is available now for Android users.

Songs in Different Languages

Wishes in the local language are not only a way to show your affection but also a courtesy to the people you are wishing a happy birthday. Because of that, we have provided our music in some of the popular Indian languages.

Download Hindi Song

Happy birthday Hindi song remix for Indians.

Tamil Song – Piranthanal Valthukkal

Now you can wish any of your Tamil friends with a song in their native language.

Punjabi Birthday Song Remix

Punjabi wishes for the people of Punjab state in India and Pakistan.

You would have a diverse circle of friends, particularly if you are living abroad, in that case, you would meet a lot of different people with different ethnicities, mother tongues, and backgrounds as well. So don’t hesitate to wish them in their regional language with these songs we have shared.

We will list more audio songs soon. Until then, you can check out the birthday stuff we have listed below.

Happy Birthday Song with Name

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You should also try out birthday cake with name generator from to navigation bar.

In addition to the birthday song, we also have and wishes with names on happy birthday cakes. Use the search bar to download the songs now in a single click.

A-Z Names (

Birthday Song with Name is now available on our special website subsidiary of We will your birthday songs producer for traditional and unique song, and our subsidiary will serve personalized music for names.

Birthday Party Songs

This is an excellent playlist that you must check out if anyone plans on throwing a party.

List of birthday celebration music that you can play and share

We can’t provide these songs for download because of copyright, but we have linked the songs directly to our pages to share and play at any moment. These birthday songs are really cool, and you can play them instantly on speakers at a birthday party. Use our website’s wide variety of share buttons to send these to most social apps and sites.

  1. Happy Happy Birthday by Nakash Aziz
  2. Dance With Me – A perfect beat to dance on birthday party, produced by Besomorph ft. RIELL.
  3. Funny Funzoa Song English Version. Funzoa makes great videos with their cute teddy bear plush.
  4. Happy B’day (Aww tera happy birthday) by Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya. It came out with the movie ABCD 2, starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor.
  5. Bhai Ka Birthday – Sajid Khan and Hitesh – Featuring in a movie with Salman Khan, who is known as Bhai (brother) of Bollywood.
  6. Birthday Bash by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Send this song to your girlfriend if you want to mess with her.
  7. Birthday (It’s my birthday) – Anne Marie. One of the most recent songs for celebration, this Birthday was released in 2020 with the AM2 album.

These songs are not linked, but if you can find some with a single search.

We have updated with more new songs. Did you like this list? Let us on our social media.

About Birthday Songs

People usually sing the traditional song at parties when the cake is about to be cut. But the tradition is changing somewhat since we can travel to almost any country in this time period with so many transportation services, hence, the distance between friends and family members is also increasing. For that reason, you should have a birthday song with you that you can send to anybody at any time.

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You is the most recognized and traditional happy birthday song in the English language, and it has been translated into almost all the languages out there.

This song wasn’t always free to use (a public domain). At some point in time, to use it officially, people had to pay $700 to Warner Music. In the early 1900s, it was more like a free-folk song, however, later it was registered under copyright in 1935 by The Summy Company, and then the company itself was bought by Warner Chappell Music (founded in 1811). Hence, they also got the rights to the Happy Birthday To You song. Based on that purchase, Warner Music published a notice saying that the song’s copyright will not expire until 2030, and people will have to pay $700 to the company for any public usage.

The song was brought to court many times regarding copyright issues. In 2010, Robert Brauneis (law professor) researched the history of this song and said that it’s certainly no longer a private domain and hence no longer under any copyright. Based on his research, Warner Chappell Music was sued for copy-fraud by the “Good Morning to You” company. In 2015, a US federal judge declared the Happy Birthday song as public domain and said that copyright was only applied to the piano version, not the lyrics or the melody. Warner Chappell had to pay $14 million for the settlement.

As of now, it’s free to use for everyone, and thanks to that we are able to provide it for free to download at any time and for any use.

About Us

On our homepage, The Happy Birthday Song website (formally BirthdaySong) presents you with the largest collection of songs for free downloading in many different formats, such as MP3 and MP4. A birthday without music is nothing like a birthday. So, we suggest our visitors play at least one song at a birthday party/celebration.

You should take a look at our vast collections. We are specialists in providing songs. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more things to cheer up on birthdays. We also share wishes, quotes, cakes, and birthday images.

Latest: has been merged with us, making us the biggest original birthday songs providing community. We have expanded our website with new things like custom wishes and a creator to write a name on a happy birthday cake. It’s so extraordinary to wish and get wishes on birthdays with cakes or images that are personalized just for you, and that’s what we have accomplished with our creator. You can try it out now from the top menu.

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