The Happy Birthday Song

Birthday Song for Bro! Bhai Ka Birthday – Song by Sajid Khan and Hitesh Modak

Bhai Ka Birthday by Sajid Khan on Zee Music YouTube, share now.

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In addition to its musical charm, “Bhai Ka Birthday” is also accompanied by a music video that features vibrant visuals and engaging choreography to enjoy while cutting the cake. This is an overall experience, making it not just a song but a visual celebration of brotherhood and brotherly love.
Playing “Bhai Ka Birthday” at a birthday party for your brother adds a personalized touch to the festivities. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has a brother, evoking memories and emotions that deepen the bond between siblings. Whether you’re planning a surprise party, a family gathering, or simply want to make your brother feel special, this track is sure to bring make this birthday special, we assure you.