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The Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to You – Traditional Song Mp3

Get traditional happy birthday to you song in MP3. Traditional birthday song is now royalty-free.

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Happy Birthday to You Song Lyrics

Happy birthday to you,

From your old friends & new,

From your good friends & true,

May good luck always go with you,

And lots of happiness too.

Happy Birthday to You [Name].

Traditional Happy Birthday Song
“Happy Birthday To You” is a royalty-free traditional song. So, you are free to take and use it anywhere for anyone you want.

A few years back, this song was not free to use and was labelled under Warner Chappell Music. The full details of how it happened are not clear but here is the detailed story of what happened with copyrights of this song.

The Summy Company registered it in 1935 but not every right of the song, not the lyric, not the melody. Then Warner Group bought the company and with that, they also got to hold whatever rights they had for the song.

Remember we said the copyright details were blurry, well, Robert Brauneis researched and acclaimed that the song should be no longer under the copyright. Based on some of this and some other research too, Good Morning to You company sued Warner Chappell. In 2015, a federal judge declared that the copyright was only for piano version, not the melody or lyric and people are free to use them. Warner Chappell got sued for $14 million, and now the singing of this song is copyright free.