The Happy Birthday Song

I Wish You Happy Birthday Song MP3 Download

This is such a wholesome song for someone you know personally and want to wish them with a special song.

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I-Wish-You Happy Birthday Song

Song: I Wish You Happy Birthday

Duration: 33 Seconds

Lyric: This is a song for someone special,
This is my song for you,
Beautiful memory of this special moment,
Years will pass you through,
Happy birthday, (x2)
Happy Birthday to You. (x2)

This song indicates how much you care for this person, and sending this to the birthday person now will be so sweet. You can send it anywhere very easily by copying the URL and sharing this page if you don’t want to download it.

Below are some personal wishes that I my self uses to wish people that are close to me.

I wish you all the best on this special day. Have an amazing time and enjoy everything that comes your way!

You are what I love more than cakes.

Years will pass by you but I will not.

How do you wish someone a happy birthday?

  • If you two has different mother-tongue then you can say “Happy birthday” or “Greetings on your birthday” in their mother-tongue language. They will be very impressed by it.
  • Send a birthday song in their preferred language, we have songs in many languages on our homepage.
  • Sing a song to them with our instrumental music in background.
  • Surprise them by organizing a party for them!
  • Make a personal greetings card.
  • You can use our birthday cake maker to create beautiful cakes with names images.