The Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday on Guitar – Download MP3

The guitar is a breathtaking instrument to play birthdays. And so here are the audio version direct download links of birthday songs on guitar if you want to wish someone with a song played on a guitar by a professional.

Happy Birthday Song on Guitar MP3

Rock Guitar Birthday Song MP3

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Happy Birthday on Guitar

Guitar Chords for This Song

[G] Happy Birthday to [D] You,

[G] Happy Birthday to [G] You,

[G7] Happy Birthday, [C] Dear,

[G] Happy Birthday [D] to [G] You.

Here are some different chords that you might want to try.

[C] [G], [C], [C7], [F], [Dm], [C], [G], [C].

Tutorial Videos on How to Play

Learn how to play “Happy Birthday to You” song on the most beautiful instrumental, guitar. This is a very neat tutorial that includes chords and basic videos to play this song.

Video tutorial by Andy Guitar. He played it very beautifully and taught very nicely.

Before this, if you never have held a guitar and this is your first try then you might wanna learn how to hold it properly and also learn about the strings. To learn so, this is a perfect video tutorial.

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